History and Philosophy

The Arroyo Group derives its name and approach from the Arroyo Guild, an assembly of turn-of-the-century California architects, planners, engineers, artists and craftsmen who lived along the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena. Common to all their creative efforts was a careful consideration for the unique beauty and meaning of the environment in which they worked, and an overriding concern for quality, craftsmanship and detail. Their association was characterized by intense dialogue across traditional professional boundaries, and mutual respect for the contribution each could make to the other's work. The Guildsmen left a legacy of work that is to this day functional and beautiful in itself and in its setting.

Today our economic, social, and environmental context and challenges are infinitely more complex. The realization of these limits to our natural and economic resources has brought into sharp focus the critical interdependencies between people, their institutions, and the environment. We believe that sensitive and workable relationships between people and the environment can be achieved and integrated with the sound social and fiscal considerations so essential to successful design, planning and development. Our practice strives to reflect the spirit of the Arroyo Guild through a respect for quality and detail and by tapping the wisdom and experience of individuals of varying professional and experiential backgrounds. Our concern is for the lasting value of our plans to our clients and their communities.