The Arroyo Group's extensive experience over the last three decades includes a variety of projects:

Specific Plans

 Downtown Plans

Site Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Centennial Square Development Study, Azusa
  • Continental Homes Master Plan, Phoenix
  • Downtown Tucson Site Evaluation
  • Lake Arrowhead 52-acre Site Development and Master Plan
  • Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market Site Selection & Master Planning Study
  • McCarthy Center Site Plan, Ontario
  • Oceanside Pier Convention Center Complex Feasibility Study
  • Plaza Redevelopment Project Area Design Plan, Anaheim
  • San Bernardino Freeway Corridor West Covina Development Feasibility Study
  • Santa Monica Airport Interim Alternatives Study

General Plans and Zoning Codes

  • San Jacinto Arts Element
  • Agoura Hills General Plan
  • Big Bear Lake General Plan
  • City of Palm Desert General Plan
  • Irvine General Plan (Project completed by Principal Larry Morrison while employed at Wilsey & Ham)
  • Riverside General Plan Update
  • Riverside Zoning Code Update
  • San Clemente Comprehensive Planning and Implementation Program
  • Santa Ana General Plan




Transit-oriented Development Plans

Design Guidelines

  • Bixby Knolls Design Guidelines, Long Beach
  • City of Baldwin Park City Wide Design Guidelines
  • Downtown Fontana Concept Plan and Design Guidelines
  • Downtown Ontario Design Guidelines
  • Site Development Guidelines for Euclid Housing, University of Arizona, Tucson
  • PS Business Parks Design Guidelines
  • Downtown Pomona Specific Plan

Campus Plans and Town-Gown Plans

  • La Sierra University Campus Plan, Riverside
  • Site Development Guidelines for Euclid Housing, University of Arizona, Tucson
  • University Community Plan, Riverside
  • Huntington Memorial Hospital Campus Plan 
  • Huntington Memorial Hospital Bio-Tech Center Study, Pasadena
  • Downtown Tucson Site Evaluation
  • Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Master Plan, La Canada
  • Self Realization Fellowship Master Plan, Los Angeles
  • Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Development Plan & Disposition Strategy
  • Stanford Research Labs Master Plan, Irvine
  • California Institute of Technology Master Planning 

Strategic, Community, and Neighborhood Plans

  • Central Long Beach Strategic Guide for Development
  • Chula Vista Arts
  • University Community Plan, Riverside
  • Arlington Heights Growth Management Plan, Riverside
  • Huntington Memorial Hospital Biotech Study, Pasadena
  • Lake/Washington Revitalization Plan, Pasadena

Streetscape Design Plans

Corridor Studies

  • Hesperia Main Street and Freeway Corridors Specific Plan
  • Long Beach Boulevard Revitalization Program
  • Draft Oceanside Transit Corridor Study
  • Azusa Corridor – Urban Streetscape, City of Industry
  • Paseo Las Placitas Specific Plan, San Bernardino
  • San Bernardino Freeway Corridor West Covina Development Feasibility Study

Façade Improvement Programs

  • Azusa Avenue Façade Rehabilitation
  • El Monte Rehabilitation Program
  • Gardena Façade Enhancement Project
  • Old Town Victorville Façade Progra